good quality japnese tea

Just like any other things that you choose, the high quality Japanese green tea can be the best that you can for getting the benefits that you want from the green tea. There are so many brands offering green tea and which makes it hard for you to choose the one that of very high quality. If you are really wondering what can be the high-quality tea available in the market. These tips can be of greater help for anyone to choose what can be the best for you as good quality tea.

Reputation of the Tea

japan tea farmThe first thing that you should measure for finding quality of the Japanese green tea is by understanding where it is grown, who processes it and who is selling this tea. It is good for you to choose one good brand that has got a better reputation in the market. If you are not aware of the brands, you can get comments from the peers and also from online. Reviews online can help you in even knowing about all the popular brands.


Measuring the quality of the tea with flavor is something subjective. It is still the best part of experiencing the tea. It is always good for you to taste the tea before you buy it as it can give you a better idea of the tea. The problem with buying high-quality green tea is that you won’t be able to taste it prior to buying.


tea appearanceThe third way through which you can measure the quality of the appearance of tea leaves. If you are given opportunity to examine leaves, there are so many visual indicators which you can look for in them. The shape related with tea leaves are much reliable indicator as it really reflects selection and the production process with tea went through. Looking for the indicator need experience in the understanding differences that exist between the varieties of green tea. The color of the leaves is also an indicator as each of the green tea has it’s specific green color. The brightness of the leaves indicates that it is of good quality. Like that Fukamushicha, a greater amount of the powder can be found with the less brightness. This indicator so cannot be used as the key indicator for all the green tea varieties. It is all based on the variety that you can make a decision.

Places to Buy

It is good for you to purchase the tea from some good Japanese tea shops. This can be a place where you can actually choose to buy the tea as you can taste the tea before you purchase it. There are also tea rooms, supermarkets and also online tea shops available from where you can get the high quality Japanese green tea.Buying a tea of high quality is something important as that can only provide you with the effectiveness that you need. Try to always choose the tea which is most suitable for you.