Coffee is popular all over the world. It is the leading consumable product amongst all age groups and most cultures in the world. This single product is responsible for the success of many professionals. Drinking coffee daily has numerous scientifically proven benefits. Here are the top 12 reasons why you should drink coffee. And as you fuel your addiction, do not ruin your beverage with cream and sugar.

1. A smarter you:

Caffeine is a proven psychoactive stimulant. The caffeine in your coffee is absorbed into your bloodstream and ultimately into your brain. This takes around 30-45 minutes. The caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter known as Adenosine which leads to increased activity by other neurotransmitters; dopamine and norepinephrine. This results in more brain neurons firing up rapidly. More working neurons translate to improved memory recall, mental energy, and cognitive ability.

2. A healthy liver:

Drinking coffee daily improves the overall wellbeing of your liver. This is unlike drinking alcohol daily that ruins your liver. Daily intake of at least 4 cups of coffee has an 80% lowered rate of suffering from liver cirrhosis. This same daily intake of coffee lowers your rate of developing liver cancer by up to 40%.

3. Improved metabolism:

Caffeine is found in all weight loss products. Drinking coffee does not only provide the pleasure of enjoying your favourite beverage but offers you the opportunity to lose that excess weight. Caffeine is directly associated with burning fat. By no means should you the stop exercising. My advice is that you combine both for better and improved results.

4. Nutritional benefit:

Coffee is your single comprehensive source of crucial antioxidants. Some other critical nutrients include Vitamins B5, B3, and B2, Potassium, Manganese, and Magnesium. Unlike other antioxidants like vegetables and fruits, the body absorbs more nutrients from coffee. This means that you get more healthy from a cup of coffee than any other beverage around.

5. Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes:

Studies have shown that drinking a cup (6 oz) of black coffee daily has a 7% average drop in risk for diabetes. It is worth noting that a standard coffee mug is 12 oz. Therefore, taking two mugs of coffee daily will return a 28% lowered risk to developing type 2 diabetes as compared to people who do not drink coffee.

6. Lowered risk of Parkinson’s disease:

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease that slowly destroys one’s nervous system. Parkinson’s has been associated with a drop in dopamine, a crucial neurotransmitter. The good news is that caffeine significantly boosts dopamine levels in the brain. Regular black coffee drinkers have shown a 32-60% reduced risk of developing this disease.

7. Antidepressant:

Dopamine is also known as the ‘pleasure drug’ and as I have stated earlier, caffeine boosts the level of this neurotransmitter in our brain. Daily intake of coffee lowers the chances of getting into depression and reduces the likelihood of committing suicide by 20% and 50% respectively. Coffee is a lifesaver, and many psychiatrists include a daily dosage of at least two mugs of black sugarless and creamless this beverage.

8. Detoxifier:

Coffee is a diuretic; it helps to clean and detoxify your system by making one to urinate many times. Urine is a natural body cleansing process that flushes out harmful viruses and bacteria. Obviously, the more times one passes urine, the large amount of impurities are expelled from the body. No wonder daily black coffee drinkers fall sick less often.

9. A calming effect:

A simple smell of black steaming coffee has a naturally calming effect. The smell of coffee changes a brain protein composition that is associated with stress, especially stress that is a result of sleep deprivation. No wonder we all learned at an early age how calming a cup of black steaming mug of coffee is in the morning.

10. Protect from certain cancers:

Drinking coffee daily lowers the risks of developing the aggressive prostate cancer. It also increases the risk of endometrial cancer in women by up to 25 percent as compared to women who don’t drink coffee daily. There is also a tie between regular coffee drinking and lowered rates of rectal, breast, liver, and colon cancers.

11. Improved heart health:

Daily coffee drinkers have an up to 20 percent lower risk of developing heart diseases as compared to non or inconsistent drinkers. There is scientific evidence that coffee improves heart health by protecting against arterial damages that are caused by inflammation. This reduces by the same percentage points, the risk to stroke, cardiac arrest, and other heart diseases.

12. Reduced risk of Alzheimer and Dementia:

Caffeine directly affects some critical brain neurotransmitters thereby improving memory. By continually enhancing your memory stamina over the years, especially as the years pile up, you are in effect reducing your risk to Alzheimer and Dementia, two debilitating memory loss diseases.